The North Olympic Peninsula Community Calendar provides a one-stop-shop for residents and visitors to see all of the area’s events, a forecast for businesses’ staff needs, and a planning tool when scheduling your own event. An event, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is something (especially something important or notable) that happens, a planned occasion or activity (such as a social gathering), and any one of the contests in a sports program. Listed below are guidelines to help you when submitting events to the community calendar.

  1. Before adding a new event, please take a moment to see if it has already been added.
  2. Events should be all inclusive, that is, everyone is invited!
  3. Examples of events that don’t qualify for publication:
    1. Funerals
    2. Personal sales
    3. Family reunions
    4. Weddings
    5. Showers
    6. Anniversaries
    7. Multi-day events, except weekend events, or unless permission has been granted
  4. Acceptable events include:
    1. Sporting events
    2. School/Community Fundraisers
    3. City-wide garage sales
    4. Live entertainment
    5. Drink/food specials
  5. Bars and restaurants can schedule one drink/food special per day
  6. When scheduling, first identify group/club/business, then title of activity.
    1. For example: Port Angeles City Council Meeting
  7. Add contact information for those who might have questions about your event.
  8. You can upload images up to 1MB. If you have a flyer for your event, please include the URL to your flyer OR upload an image file, as we cannot accept PDFs or other documents.
  9. If an event is cancelled or if there are changes, you are responsible for e-mailing [email protected] the changes/updates.

Administration of the Community Calendar is handled by Elevate PA’s Community Calendar Advisory Committee, which includes representatives from area businesses, nonprofits, schools, and the Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce, and will address issues and concerns that arise.

The Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce, Elevate PA, and other related entities provide this calendar as a public service, and shall not be held liable for content, dates, or information contained within. We do our best to moderate and check accuracy of event content and datees, but please contact the organizer if you have any questions or concerns.